Fire Wife Prayer Guide

Response to My Open Letter to the Mayor of Houston

Recently I wrote an open letter to the Mayor of Houston, expressing my feelings on his unjust treatment of the firefighters under his authority.  To say that I was humbled by the response I received from those my letter seemed to speak to is an understatement!

I am unaware as to whether or not the Mayor actually read my post.  To be honest that is not of much concern to me.  At the end of my letter I stated that I would pray for the Mayor, and for God to move in his heart. 

That is exactly where I leave it in regard to him!

We Serve God and Not the Mayor

I could continue to go after Mayor Turner.  I could go on and on about the lack of integrity and unfairness, rant and rave, but I don’t believe that is going to cause a change. In fact it is likely to cause heals to be dug in, and the exact opposite of what I desire.

It is my belief that God is going to cause a change!

Praying for God to move in the Mayor’s heart is the only way I believe change will happen, so I leave it in His hands.

God is bigger than city politics, pensions, and holiday pay. 

God is the provider of all of our needs, and I look to Him!

My husband continues to do his job as if working unto the Lord and not man.  He completes his duties with excellence, and serves the public with compassion and a heart of love.

You see, my husband understands that he serves the Lord, and not the Mayor!

The Role of a Fire Wife

I kiss my husband goodbye every morning as he leaves for his shift. 

Going to do what he loves!

As he heads out, making my heart skip a beat in his uniform, I hope his shift goes well and he makes it home to me the next morning. 

I breathe a sigh of relieve each time he does!

It is not easy being a fire wife. 

Murphy’s Law likes to take effect when he is at the station.  I have learned to handle just about everything at home on my own.

I have grown accustomed to the women’s voice (radio dispatcher) that so often interrupts our phone calls as I am pouring my heart out because someone else needs him. 

At times it can be hard to accept that other families come first.  In the event of a hurricane (Hurricane Rita the weekend of our wedding) or severe flood my husband has to leave his family behind, and go save others.

There are times that both myself and the boys want and need him, but we have to accept he has a duty to perform, and work around it.

Being a firefighter/paramedic is a calling on his life and God given purpose.  It therefore becomes a calling on ours.

As his wife it is my duty to support him and lift him up. 

My husband sees the worst of this life firsthand.  He sees death on a daily basis, and gives his everything to help those he can. He comforts the mom he just had to tell her son is dead, and the widow who just lost her husband of 55 years.

All he faces could easily weigh a person down, but as his wife, I lift him up with prayer.

He is called to serve others, but I am called to serve him!

The best way I know how to serve him is to keep him covered in prayer. 

Agreement Here On Earth

I have created a guide to pray over my firefighter. It serves a reminder to keep him covered.

At times I cover one topic each day, and other times I pray through the entire guide at once, depending how the Spirit moves me.

I want to share this guide with you for two reasons:

  1. It is my hope that you might benefit from it as I have.
  2. Selfishly I want to pray in agreement with you.

Matthew 18:19 says, “If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in Heaven will do it for you.  For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

I am coming in agreement with you to pray for our firefighters!

Let’s gather together as fire wives, and may Jesus be among us!

Together let’s petition God to protect our firefighters, hold their hearts, and move in the hearts of those who make decisions that concern them and ultimately our families.

May we see a revival amongst our fire departments and may our firefighters make it home from each shift!

Will you stand in agreement with me? 

Download your guide below, and let’s get started. 

I am excited to see God move in our departments! 

Please share with me how you experience His movement.

Be Blessed!


P.S. If you live in the city of Houston, and belong to the HFD Family, let’s also pray in agreement the wrongs are made right, praising God because we know He works all things for the good of those called according to His purpose.

P.S.S. This video seems fitting with this post but I will warn you that it is a tear jerker.  Grab the tissues!


  1. A'nij Moore says:

    Good for you on homeschooling! After our youngest came home from 3rd grade with some sunset-colored, fruit-flavored condoms, we decided to homeschool as well. In 4 years he completed state requirements to graduate but wanted “the high school experience”.So we sent him back to 8th grade. His English teacher called to tell me he was the first student in 10 years that could diagram a sentence! He had always wanted to be a policeman so we told him to find a school that would give him state of the art training & equipment & we would pay for it as college. He chose to enlist in the USAF & was selected right out of basic training to serve in the Honor Guard in Washington, DC. So far he’s served 3 presidential funerals & is listed to serve for every President & 1st lady with the exception of Obamas. He later cross-trained as an executive flight attendant on Air Force One. Like me, he picks up languages quickly & speaks several. He never gave up on police work & his roommates worked FBI, CIA, NSA & Secret Service. He now runs his own bodyguarding business for VIPs. We were told his homeschooling was the deciding factor.

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