How to Pray for Your Child Away at Church Camp

Do You Have a Child Heading to Church Camp?

It is that time of year!

Although it is summer, and we don’t have a full school schedule, we have been staying plenty busy with all the activities that summer brings along with it.

This summer we have a first in our house.  Our oldest went off to church camp for the first time.

I have to say I was an extremely proud mama to see my oldest baby all grown up and heading off on an adventure all of his own.  It was slightly difficult at the same time.

Are you a seasoned pro at sending your kiddos away for church camp, or is this a first for you too?

Grounding in the Word

Whether you have done this many times before, or this is a first for you, I am excited to share with you a devotional guide I created to help me pray for my son as he prepared to go off to camp and for the duration that he was there.

This is was a new territory for us. Our oldest trail blazed the path, and this was his first church camp. Shoot, it was his first time to stay away from us anywhere other than his grandparents.

I was super excited for my son, but I would be lying if I said that I was not a little nervous about it too.

Like all Christian parents I desire for my sons to grow in their relationships with Christ. It was our hope that church camp will aide in our oldest son’s journey, but we don’t place our faith in church camp alone.

My husband and I both desired for God to wrap His arms around our son and speak into his heart during his week away. We interceded for our son petitioning our Savior for his protection and spiritual growth.

As I began planning, going over packing lists, making lists of items we needed to buy, writing down important dates, and going over things we needed to prepare him to be away and responsible for himself, a slight amount of worry entered my heart.

I knew it would be beneficial for me to ground myself in the Word and promises of my Savior. As I have begun to do so, I thought you might benefit from it too.

My Free Gift To You

I created a  free devotional for the week before camp to begin covering our children in prayer as they prepare to leave.

For seven days leading up to their departure you will pray over your child regarding a different topic each day.  The topics include things such as safety, spiritual growth, and even their counselors.

There is a separate section with a guide to pray for your child each day they are away.

It doesn’t take long to go through, because I know we are all busy!

Although short and sweet, it was extremely helpful for me in grounding myself and trusting my son into the hands of his Savior.

There was great relief when my son stepped of the bus and back into my arms after his week away, but the stories he shared on the way home were invaluable.

Get your FREE PRAYER GUIDE, and know that I will be praying for your children as well. 

 “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matt 18:19

Let’s agree to pray for our children this summer at camp!

May God do a mighty work in this generation this summer! Amen!


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