How I Finally Lost the Baby Weight

Round 1

I recently told you about my decision to make taking care of myself a priority.  It is important for all of us mamas to do!

I mentioned how I signed up for Beach Body On Demand under my coach, Alicia.  As promised, I began the 21 Day Fix program the following Monday.

I dove in with gusto and went for it.

I did my daily workout and was using my containers.  I was liking how I was feeling.  I was seeing some results.

At the end of week one I had gone from 163.2 down to 160.8.

There was only one problem…the containers were not working for me!

Measuring everything was difficult for me.  I was getting frustrated cooking a lot of separate meals for myself and my them my family.

I am sad to say that as I went into week two I set the containers aside and just worked out eating without a direct eating plan.

I finished out Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix weighing in at 160.0.

While happy to have shed those 3 pounds, I was disappointed in myself for not doing better.

The Struggle is Real

Life hit full force!

Finishing Round 1 was immediately followed by:

  • a trip out of town which we had to return early for a sick dog
  • planning a 40th birthday celebration for my honey
  • two rounds of croup for the littlest guy with sleepless nights listening to him breathe while he tried to sleep
  • all six of us consecutively getting sick dragging out over a month
  • the dog getting sicker and finally be diagnosed with diabetes which had to be treated with diligent care
  • Unexpected expenses
  • my mom having major back surgery, but I couldn’t go help or even see her because I couldn’t risk spreading our sickness
  • The dog finally getting overcome with sickness and having to put him to sleep.

My struggle has always been putting myself first!

In the midst of all of these things I went back to taking care of everyone else the best I could.  Over the course of those 5 weeks I also went back to 161.8 pounds and feeling frustrated!

My Knight in Shining Armor

I was grateful to have Alicia to check in with me and hold me somewhat accountable, but I was backing into my hole of seclusion.  I did not want to have to admit my failures in this area.  Her contact was enough to keep me motivated enough to not run the other direction.

I wasn’t following the eating plan and only worked out a couple of times.

My husband, who is my Knight in Shining Armor, saw me getting frustrated with myself again.

Wanting to help me he asked me if it would help if he and I both followed an eating plan and committed together.  I told him that it probably would, but I did not want to change want he was doing which had been working for him.

Being the amazing man he is, he insisted, and we decided to eat paleo once again.  He committed to stick it out with me and believed he would feel better too.

The next day we began eating paleo, but he called me from work and told me to watch this video by Dr. Axe on the ketogenic diet.  My honey knew I had been following Dr. Axe and tried a couple of his products.  CJ knew I would trust his recommendations.

Ketogenic Diet

I agreed to do follow the ketogenic diet with my husband.  I was super excited to get down to 158 pounds by the weekend.

After a week of doing it, I was feeling great and felt much of the inflammation in my body disappear.

My husband bought the Keto Cycle program which recommended that we have cheat days on which we eat carbs.

Ok!  I am on board with that!

We had a cheat day and did ok, but it wasn’t long before we were having more than one cheat day per week.

Cheat days have never been my friend.

After about a week of not seeing anymore progress we decided to try not to cheat for a few weeks.

Time to dial it back in!

I also began consistently following the 21 Day Fix workouts daily.


Today has been amazing!  I have been on cloud nine!!!

I stepped on the scale this morning, and it read 154.6 pounds!!!

While that is no where near my goal weight, it is a huge milestone for me.

When I got pregnant with my last little guy I weighed 155.  I successfully lost the weight of one baby!

One baby down and three more to go!

My motivation today is at an all-time high.  I feel like I might actually be able to get to my goal now.

I have a whole new level of commitment and enthusiasm each day as I complete my workouts.

My joints aren’t aching.  I feel so much stronger.  My posture is improved due to a stronger core.  I have pep in my step.  My husband is complementing me and telling me how proud he is of me.  My boys are getting in on several of the workouts.

This plan is working for me right now and I am not going to quit until I get to my goal!

I am learning there are many benefits to taking care of myself.

“They are my reason and not my excuse,” like Alicia says.

How are you doing?  Are you reaching your goals?  Have you found ways to take care of yourself?  I would love to hear your successes and struggles.  Do you have any more ideas to do with your free time?  Please share!  Let’s encourage one another.




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