All Things Work for Our Good


My Amazing Little Trooper

One year ago today one of my biggest nightmares came true.

At the beginning of August we moved into a new home.  The trees behind our home had not been cleared yet.  Our three oldest boys wanted to have a water gun fight, and being that it was August in Houston, we went for it.  They had a good time and there were lots of giggles.

Two of the three decided they were done and ready to go get cleaned off in the bath.  My husband and I were helping the two of them get their baths started and the second oldest, my Jumping Bean, was filling up his water gun one last time outside.

All of the sudden we heard Jumping Bean screaming as he opened the door.  I took off running to him, and he was crying and screaming saying he got bit by a snake.

At first I thought I was hearing him wrong.  I looked down at his foot which he was favoring, and he had two bloody spots where the snake’s fangs had punctured his skin.


The snake that bit him.

I told my husband to go find the snake and see what kind it was.  Holding my baby, I snuck a quick peak too.  We confirmed it was a copperhead snake and I quickly carried my baby upstairs, got him changed to go to the ER, and asked my husband if I could be the one to take him to the hospital.  Although my husband is a Paramedic, he knew that I would be out of my mind if I was not with my baby, so he let me go.  (He is the best!)

I sped my way toward the hospital, getting pulled over on the way, and then escorted by the police officer to the hospital.

Just before I got pulled over my baby asked me if he was going to die.  He said that his 8 year old friend told him that if you get bit by a venomous snake that you die within two minutes.

I managed to stay calm for my little man and he was amazing!  I assured him, the best I could, that he would be ok although I was a nervous wreck inside. 

I was praying ferociously to myself!

We were taken right back at the hospital and the doctor came in shortly after.  They assured both little man and me that he was going to be ok, but they were going to have to watch him closely to decide the best treatment.


His foot with the markings they used to track the swelling

He was under observation for 9 hours.  They marked his foot to track the swelling and they drew blood every couple hours.  He was a trooper!  

Daddy came to visit for a bit while grandma stayed with the other boys.    A couple of daddy’s friends from the fire station worked at the hospital too so they dropped in to say hello. 

Jumping Bean was incredible the entire time!

During that 9 hours there were SO many people praying for my angel.  I showed him the messages on facebook and he was so honored that many people loved him enough to do so.

It was determined he did not need the anti-venom because the swelling had not continued up the leg, but stopped at the ankle, and his blood work was good.  I drove my baby home at almost 1:00 a.m. and carried him to our bed where he slept that night. 

For three days he had to lay with his leg propped up and be carried from place to place.  He got a few visitors and his brothers took great care of him.

On the fourth day he was able to start putting slight pressure on the foot.  He was understandably very timid about going in the backyard.  To be honest we all were.  After a couple more days he was doing much better and the bruising was starting to fade.

One afternoon, about a week or so after the bite, my husband was sitting on the back patio reading a book.  Jumping Bean went and sat with my husband and was asking him what he was reading about.  My husband was reading a book by Merlin Carothers titled Power in Praise.  My husband shared that the book explained when bad things happen to us we should still praise God for those things.  We should put our faith in the word of God that “All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord” Romans 8:28.  He also explained that often times when we begin to praise God for the situation it begins to turn around.

Jumping Bean thought about the words his daddy was telling him about the book.  After some thought, Little Man applied it to his own life.  He decided then and there that he was going to praise God for getting bit by that copperhead.  That moment he decided he was not going to be fearful of snakes any longer.  In fact he decided that he was now part copperhead just like Spiderman became part spider.  He decided that whatever challenges this life presented to him he was going to praise God for them.  He knows Jesus loves him, and always works things for our good.

A year out from that event that has changed our family in more ways than one, which I will have to share more of later, I can say that my Jumping Bean has stuck with that decision.  It is a spiritual lesson that has taken deep root in his life.  He takes life head on and rises to overcome.  He encourages those around him facing situations, and points out the positive that comes from their challenges.  He understands that the situations are still tough, but he has great faith that God is still with us.

As his mother, I am so grateful that my baby boy has grasped this spiritual lesson.  I am grateful for my little guy’s reminders that stir my faith.  I am honored to have a front row seat as he matures in his faith.

Not long ago we were at my mother’s house and there was a tornado warning.  The kids heard it and were concerned about it.  Jumping Bean quickly told us, “Well if a tornado hits and we all die, it will be a good thing because we will be in Heaven.”  My little dare devil has no fear of even death, lives life to its fullest at times keeping me on my toes, and loves Jesus like few I know.  He is an inspiration to me.  Let him be an inspiration to you.

I can say that I am grateful for that day one year ago because the Lord did use it for our good.  Through it I have learned to praise my Savior more, even in the difficult times when it seems easier to question why it is happening.    I encourage you that if you are going through something difficult, that you praise Jesus.  Trust His love for you and that He will use it for you good.  I say that not to minimize whatever it is, but to encourage you that it will not be for nothing and God will bring you through.  Even to death there is victory when you accept Jesus’ love.

Praising Jesus,


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