Book Review: Having a Martha Home the Mary Way


We recently moved in August into a brand new, never been lived in, clean home.  As I unpacked everything and got it all set up I repeatedly vowed to myself that I was going to stick to a cleaning schedule and keep this house CLEAN!

As the new year rolled around in our new home, keeping it clean made the list of resolutions I wanted to achieve this year.  I not only wanted to keep the house clean, but I also wanted to do it with a positive attitude.

I have read many blog posts and have an entire board on Pinterest devoted to cleaning.

I have a pretty cleaning schedule on my fridge telling me which tasks to tackle on which day of the week.

My kids have cute little chore charts with magnets to move from “to do” to “done”.

I have set things up in the house to make cleaning as easy as I could think to make it.

I have a laundry schedule that has made the mountain seem much more manageable.

Given all of those things cleaning is still not my favorite and at times still get the best of me.

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to read a copy of Sarah Mae’s new book Having a Martha Home the Mary Way.  When given the chance I jumped at it because it spoke into my desire to be a good homemaker with a beautiful home that invited others to relax, but balanced it with doing it in a loving way.

The book is set up as a set of devotionals with a time of reflection and spending time with Jesus (the Mary way), and a challenge with a practical way to tackle cleaning your home (the Martha side).  It has been a joy to go through it and it has really spoken to my heart.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GET A COPY.


I want to go into more depth and plan on following along with the challenge beginning on April 11th.  I hope you will join me, but for now I wanted to encourage you with how Sarah Mae’s book has breathed life into me.

As I mentioned earlier I have the charts and plans for how I am going to tackle cleaning, but I don’t always get it done.  I have gotten better about keeping the mess to a manageable level and it helps that my older three can help out quite a bit.  Most days I would not panic if someone dropped by.

While I have made strides to keep the home cleaner, I don’t always have the best attitude about it.  You see cleaning is when I tend to lose my cool with my kids and make demands on them that are honestly somewhat unreasonable.  Little boys spill things, but they are learning.  Unfortunately they are also learning that mama gets angry or at least lets out a sigh when it happens.

Sarah’s book has opened my heart to God’s grace in all matters.  It has helped me to let go of the mommy guilt for losing my cool, and for the times my house is not perfect.  It has helped me to seek God in the process of cleaning.  He desires to be in everything including cleaning, and I NEED Him in everything including cleaning.  It has encouraged me to tackle cleaning assignments in my home and helped to keep my spirits up as I do them.

I want to share a couple of my favorite quotes from the book:

I am enough, already, in Christ.  And when I fail, which I will, my position in Christ, the love my Father has for me, and who I am does not change…When I fail or when I achieve, He loves me the same.” pg 132

God is maturing us with every spill lovingly cleaned up, every mouth wiped and diaper changed and kiss given and every other thing we do.  It matters and it is not insignificant.  Your work in the mundane is refining you.  Keep on, sister!  At the end of it all, you’re going to shine like gold.” pg 180

God loves you, and just as Sarah encourages in Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, He has created you with a certain personality and He will lead you in discovering how to use your personality to give life to your home through gentle homemaking.

Will you come along with me as I go back through the book and follow the 31 day challenge beginning April 11th.  You can get a copy of Sarah’s book through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or Lifeway.  You can also find more information about Sarah Mae and her books at here. Please leave me a comment if you plan on following along so we can encourage each other.

In Christ,


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  1. Sylvia Harden says:

    What a privilege for both of you! Sarah Brown, you are the most dicerning person I’ve ever known and I would whole heartedly trust any recommendation you make. Thanks for sharing.

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