The “Dirty” Text Seen Around the World

1. Berries

So you know that time that you sent a “dirty” text to your husband thinking it would be for his eyes only, but he left his phone on the table while eating with the entire station.

Oh you don’t!  That’s just me!

Yeah that happened two days ago.

Talk about EMBARRASSED!!!!

My husband was working a shift at his EMS station when I sent him a couple of texts. Normal stuff.  Nothing exciting.  Then I thought I would send him a little something spicy to put a smile on his face and let him know he is loved.

A second went by and no response.

Another second goes by and then I get a response saying he left his phone on the table at dinner and one of his coworkers saw the text.


He was serious.

I could feel the heat all over my body, and I know I had to be so red even though no one was looking at me.

Can you say MORTIFIED!

My husband said that the entire table knew a spicy text had been sent, but the coworker who saw it did not share what it said.  That made it only slightly better, but I still wanted to go craw in a hole.

A minute later the kids and I were driving in the car and my mind was still racing.  I was so embarrassed!  All I could think was that I could never show my face again at his station.

As I am driving a commercial came on the radio for Family Life with Dennis Rainey.  In the commercial he spoke about passion in marriage and how it is a good picture that the world needs to see.  He said NEVER BE EMBARRASSED about the passion that you and your spouse have for each other.   I laughed out loud in the car and my boys thought I was crazy.  God’s timing was perfect!

While my mind kept going back to how embarrassed I was the rest of the night, I also thought about what Dennis Rainey had said.   I thought about how many people my husband and I know right now whose families are hurting due to recent divorces.  I thought about the couples we know that are praying for drastic changes in their marriages so that they don’t end in divorce.  I thought about the couples we know that seemed to have settled for a passionless marriage.  I thought about the couples we know who make comments about how they LOVE their children but struggle to love their spouse.

In all my thinking I thought about how grateful I am that my husband and I have great passion for one another.  While I never would have chosen for my text that was meant to be for my husband’s eyes only to be seen by another,  I settled on the fact that if anything I hope it showed those at the table that my husband and I do have a passionate marriage.  It talks in the Bible about marriage being a picture of God’s love for us and we are His bride.  In fact there is an entire book of the Bible about a passionate marriage.   It is my prayer that through our marriage others are able to see God.

Though I will still have a hard time walking back into the station and seeing the guys face-to-face, and I will still tell you to be careful about the texts you send and when you send them, I also will tell to love your spouse with the fierceness of a honey badger.  Never let go of the passion you had for one another when you first fell in love.  Cultivate it and let the passion grow.

Let your children see it!  Let everyone around you see it (though maybe not all of it)! By seeing it they get to see a picture of God.

As we embarked on a life together 10 years ago that was my prayer at the alter.  I have always hoped that others would see God in our love and understand God has a huge hand in our marriage.  He wants that for all marriages and is ready and willing to help you achieve it if you allow Him into your marriage.

Here is to passion!

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